Yoga for *EVERY* body... even if yours is a little twisted

  Although all forms of yoga can contain a therapeutic element, Twisted Cobra Yoga & Wellness (TCYW) uses therapeutic and restorative yoga to place a specific focus on health, healing and wellness. Rather than the instructor teaching a pre-planned class, the leader instead acts as a facilitator who tailors the session to the individuals and conditions present. Props and adjustments allow everyone, regardless of fitness or ability level, to take part and to have the poses modified to suit their particular needs. A mind-body balance is sought, allowing each person to connect to his or her own body on a deeper level and to take a proactive role in their healing journey.

One-on-one therapeutic sessions begin with an in-depth medical and personal history to discover what conditions are present. Poses are then suggested, demonstrated and modified to develop an individualized wellness plan. Meditation and relaxation methods are introduced and developed to complement the poses and awaken the client’s innate balance and healing ability. Yoga therapy can be used as a natural and holistic healing modality for virtually any illness or stress-related issue.

Twisted Cobra Yoga & Wellness is a member of the yoga alliance and the international association of yoga therapists.


Studio space- 380 pleasant st

The studio space located at 380 Pleasant St in Dartmouth is closed, effective immediately.  I am available for on-site training at corporations, for small groups or one-on-one therapy in your house or mine. If interested, please email or call 902-488-9642 for more information.